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Károly Ujj Mészáros

  • ONE HAND - Vodafone
  • KÁSÁS - Vodafone
  • HOLIDAYS - T-com
  • KAYAK - Borsodi
  • GRANDPA - Fonyodi
  • 17 - Allianz
  • LIZA, THE FOX-FAIRY - ''Trailer'' - Feature


Karoly as a small town boy had little knowledge of his future as a teenager, so to gain some time to think he enrolled the Budapest University of Economics, where he finally met an extraordinary artform – film. That fatal meeting made him a filmgeek, and wrote his final thesis on American film industry... With his university degree he worked his way up in production.  He was one of the first freelancer agency producers of Hungary, he worked for almost all the major international  agencies in Hungary. He never gave up his ambition to become a director. His weird sense of humor and emotional touch can be witnessed in his more than 150 commercials, and also in his 10 shortfilms those won years that won 12 prizes on more than 30 national and international shortfilm festivals. His relentlessness and persistance finally made possible for him to shoot his first feature film, Liza, the Fox-fairy, a funny fairy tale for grown ups, that was premiered in 2015. It became a critical and box office success in Hungary, sold in many countries worldwide. Critics in US: Liza, the Fox-fairy, won 34 awards on 51 festivals around the world. Best Film: Fantasporto International Fantastic Film Festival 2015 Best director and Best Film: Nocturna Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival 2015, New Director’s Showcase Award :Seattle International Film Festival 2015 “For its lively, inventive visual wit and offbeat look at romantic delusion involving a haunted Hungarian nurse, a long-suffering police sergeant, and the ghost of a '50s Japanese pop singer.” Best New Director: Portland International Film Festival 2016