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Dávid Ringeisen & László Ruska

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Dávid Ringeisen was born in 1987. First, he studied graphic design and arts, but he has always been more interested in animation. He is graduated at MOME Budapest (BA and MA). In the last years he has worked for Digic as AD and lead of previs. Recently he is working on his PhD thesis in the topic of „Recollective” and also works as freelance animation director.  László Ruska was born in 1987. As animation director he is graduated at MOME. László had the opportunity to work for Vertigo Digital where he created VFX shots of commercials and mini series. He develops his skills and professional experience at Budapest based company Digic Pictures as Lighter – Compositor and Previs Artist. Since university Dávid and László has been working together as animation co-directors, their greatest success was Paper World that made for World Wide Fund for Nature. It had several nominations and won awards around the world such as Gold World Medal Award, New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards and Jury Award, SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival in Vancouver, Canada.